Emerson's Bar Review

Emerson's Bar Review Course


The lectures from this Bar Review Course have been donated to the public.

Emerson has retired.

The lectures are free.


Note: The lighting in some of the videos has deteriorated somewhat. We apologize.

picture of Emerson Stafford

"I recommend this course without reservation. It's very intensive, but just what most people need. The weekly graded homework, weekly graded practice exams, and unlimited private tutorials will have an impact on your level of preparation. It worked for me."

Willie Jordan-Curtis, Ph.D., J.D., Atty

"I’ve done a lot of studying in my day but the CBE kicked my… Emerson’s Bar Review was the key that opened the door for me to the Emerald City. Take the course, study diligently and succeed. It is as simple as that."

Beverly Baker-Kelly,Ph.D., Ed.D., J.D., Atty

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