Emerson's Bar Review

Emerson's Bar Review Course

The lectures from this Bar Review Course have been donated to the public.

Emerson has retired.

The Eight-Week Course

Review your BARBRI, BarPassers, or other notes for the substantive law. These videos will help put the law in context for the bar exam questions.

Week 1


Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3


Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Criminal Law & Procedure

Hour 1 - Hour 2

Week 2

Torts II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Contracts II

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Criminal Law/Procedure II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Week 3

Constitutional Law I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

CA Civil Procedure I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Real Property I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - July 2007 (Hour 3)

Week 4

Constitutional Law II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

CA Civil Procedure II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Real Property II

July 2008 (1) - July 2002 (2) - Hour 3

Week 5

Remedies I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Evidence I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Business Associations I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Week 6

Remedies II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Evidence II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Business Associations II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Week 7

Wills I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Trusts I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Community Property I

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Week 8

Wills & Trusts II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Professional Responsibility

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Community Property II

Hour 1 - Hour 2 - Hour 3

Supplementary Video Library




Offer and Acceptance - Conditions - Parol Evidence Rule - Requirements & Output - Substantial Performance Doctrine
UCC: Common Codes - Acceptance - Most Frequently Tested
2-104 Merchants - 2-201 Statute of Frauds - 2-207 Sale of Goods: Acceptance


Contracts Feb 01: Formation, Breach
Contracts Feb 96: Breach, Remedies, Quasi-Contract
Contracts Jul 07: Formation, Specific Performance
Contracts Jul 08



Assault - Battery - Conversion - Trespass to Property - Breach of Warranty
Defense: Consent - Strict Liability
Product Liability: Summary - Example - Negligence


Torts Feb 08
Torts Jul 00: Negligence, Trespass, Strict Liability, Nuisance, Remedies
Torts Jul 04: Wrongful Death; Prof Responsibility
Torts Jul 07: Product Liability

Criminal Law & Procedure


Defenses: Insanity - Intoxication


Crimes Feb 03: Murder, Right to Counsel, Evidence
Crimes Feb 04
Crimes Feb 07
Crimes Feb 08
Crimes Jul 07: Murder; Constitutional Law, Evidence

California Business Associations


Agency - Partnerships


Business Assoc Jul 05: Authority of President, duties of loyalty, care, usurpation; Professional Responsibility
Business Assoc Jul 98
Business Assoc Feb 05: Deep rock doctrine, creditors v shareholders rights, piercing corp veil
Business Assoc Feb 08

California Civil Procedure

Topics & Exams

Calif. & Fed Code Summary
Civil Pro Feb 06 and Civil Pro Jul 96: Personal Jurisdiction, Res Judicata, Collateral Estoppel
Civil Pro Jul 99

California Community Property


Community Property & Wills Jul 02
Comm Prop & Wills Jul 08
Comm Prop Feb 08
Comm Prop Jul 02
Comm Prop Jul 07: Child Support, Partnerships

Constitutional Law


Equal Protection: Introduction - Rational Basis - Middle Tier - Substantive Due Process


Constitutional Law Jul 00: Grand Jury, Due Process, Equal Protection, 1st & 5th Amendments
Con Law Feb 04: Standing, Commerce Clause
Con Law Jul 04: First Amendment: loitering, time/place/manner
Con Law Jul 08

California & Federal Evidence


Calif. & Fed Code Summary - Analyzing Character - State Of Mind


Evidence Feb 02
Evidence Jul 04: Transcript, jury misconduct
Evidence Jul 05: Arson
Evidence Jul 07

California Professional Responsibility


Professional Responsibility Feb 08
Prof Resp Jul 04: Solicitation, "runners," communicate w/ corp. control group
Prof Resp July 08

Real Property


The Rule Against Perpetuities


Real Property Feb 91: Remainders, Delivery of Deed, Recording, Adverse Possession
Real Property Feb 94: Easements, Conveyance, Warranties
Real Property Jul 02: Easements, Sale & Transfer, Warranties
Real Property Jul 07: Landlord-Tenant
Real Property July 08



Remedies Feb 81
Remedies Feb 91
Remedies Jul 08
Remedies Jul 95: Tracing, Constructive Trust, Equitable Lien

California Wills & Trusts


Creation of Wills: Probate Code 6110 - Acts of Independent Significance - Incorporation by Reference - Integration - Holographic Wills
Capacity: Summary of Capacity to Create a Will - Fraud - Undue Influence
Revocation: Summary of Revocation - by DRR - by Operation of Law - by Physical Act
Family Protesting: Omitted Spouse or Child
Distribution: Summary of Distribution - Ademption - Lapse and Anti-Lapse - CA Trusts: Secret/Semi-Secret Trusts


CA Wills Feb 07
CA Trusts Feb 05: Spendthrift clause, creditors, termination of trust
CA Wills and Trusts Feb 08
CA Wills and Trusts Feb 99
CA Wills and Trusts Jul 01
CA Community Prop & Wills Jul 02: Incorporation by reference, omitted child, life insurance; Community Property
CA Community Prop & Wills Jul 08

About Emerson Stafford

picture of Emerson Stafford

I am a Member of the State Bar of California and the primary instructor for the course.

I have been preparing students for the California Bar Exam, as a full time activity, for over 35 years. Several thousand former students are now practicing law in California. I am also a current adjunct professor at three Bay Area law schools.

Before becoming a lawyer, I worked as a mathematician in the aerospace industry. I also taught electronics, nuclear physics, analog and digital computer technology, and university level mathematics.

I have informal publications on the use of Z-transforms in digital simulations, on the numerical calculation of high order Bessel Functions, and mathematical filters used to improve the signal to noise ratio in experimental data.

I grew up in Los Angeles, moved to San Francisco during the revolution of the 60's, and have lived here since that time.

"For over thirty years, I have seen Emerson's smile when students call and say 'Thanks, I passed.'"

- Janet Stafford, M.D., Spouse

Testimonials from Former Students

"Emerson's Bar Review helped me pass the California Bar Exam. The individualized instruction I received helped me target problems with the clarity of my writing, and the suggestions I received helped me solve those problems and pass the bar exam. I owe my success as a lawyer to Emerson's Bar Review."

- Charles O. Prickett, Ph.D., J.D., Atty

"The personal attention is priceless. The lectures are remarkably effective. The course materials would probably have raised my GPA by a full point if I had signed up earlier."

-Bryndis Tobin, J.D., Atty

"This course provided me with a strategic overview, along with a very clear presentation of the details of the most complex areas of the law. The homework was demanding, practice exams were grueling, and the feedback was crucial. It worked."

-Beverly Baker-Kelly, Esq., Ed.D., J.D., Ph.D.

"This course provided the practice writing and the tools needed to pass the California Bar Exam. I recommend this course without qualification."

-Willie M. Jordan-Curtis, Esq., J.D., Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

"I took this course while living in the San Diego area. During this course I had to move out of my apartment because the ceiling caved in from water overflow in the apartment above mine, I got sick, had a car accident, and still passed. You can see why I recommend this course."

-Lara Stingley, Esq., J.D.

"This is an exceptional course. The excellent teaching plus the prompt and extensive feedback on homework and practice exams made this course work for me. I highly recommend this course."

-M. Kathleen Fairbanks, Esq., J.D., Ph.D., Educational Psychology

"Emerson and his staff were great to work with. They gave good honest critiques of work submitted and were available to discuss their comments and ways I could improve. I am visual learner and so the video lectures of past essays were extremely helpful in seeing how to piece the laws and facts together. Emerson's bar review course is a very intense course but very doable, and worth it! So stick to the program and you will see results."

-E.D. West Covina, CA

"Emerson's bar review is a great course. I learned SO much about the law application, writing approaches and PT's. The "what to write" study guides, lectures, and phone sessions with Emerson were so helpful. He took so much of his time to answer the questions that I had without making me feel gulity for taking his time. Thank you so much Emerson!"

-H.G. San Jose, CA

"Emerson's Bar Review is absolutely everything they claim it to be. You cannot ask for or find a more personable group of people to assist you in preparing for and passing the Calif BAR. The study and writing approach is an appropriate challenge. "What To Write" was so helpful! I really cannot say enough good things about my dealings with and contacts with Emerson and his wonderful staff of people. They gave me real feedback on writing that was not an inflated grade. They really are available to answer the phone to help. It just does not get any better than Emerson's Bar Review."

-Tom Huff, San Jose, CA

"I have been working with Emerson Stafford and his assistants, and have been having a very rewarding experience. Emerson's Bar Review is a coherent and well-organized online Bar preparation course. Emerson and his personnel of competent and experienced tutors have always been available for my questions and concerns regarding the law and the course in a prompt manner. Emerson's Bar Review has been deepening my understanding of the law and organizing the knowledge in a way that is giving me confidence in facing the Bar exam I am shortly going to take."

-Anya R, Mill Valley, CA

"While many years overdue, I must write this review. In 2003, Emerson saved my sanity, job, career and six-figure law school investment (in ascending order). He was the key to my passing the Bar Exam from hell: the Feb 2004 exam. The computers or the provided disks - had issues rendering the saving feature almost inoperable. As a result, saving your essays took at least 5-10 min rendering the use of the computer impossible during this time. As such, I literally, had to HAND WRITE half of my exam, and type the rest, toggling between when the computer was delayed and active so that I would not lose time. Also, there were foreign subjects (ie T&E and wills) on the multiple choice. People wept audibly. Others swore. Some did yoga exercises during the break. Others just left. However - I was calm, clear, and literally, wrote that exam and those essays, by rote because, after all, it was like my 100th bar exam I had taken by the time I had completed Emerson's course! He does not train you to be in the zone, he trains you to be in a state of transcendence and enlightenment. I passed this bar - after failing it the first time - and I owe it all to Emerson. Im still not quite sure how I did it, but all I know, He is by far the best. (and he's amazing at pep talks too, for the times you want to give up this being an attorney thing and go flip burgers or sell clothes on ebay instead -- which happened to me several times during my studying for this dastardly exam!) Im so glad he is still at it!"

-T.B. Oakland, CA

"Emerson is one of the only bar tutors in CA with 30 years or more experience tutoring specifically for the bar. No one can promise that you will pass the bar - regardless of how much money you spend, or even how much time studying. Emerson, however, increases your odds significantly by showing you where to emphasize your study time. Books with his flow charts are usually available in legal bookstores - and they show how he can help you attack an essay problem. Emerson was not the last tutor I took, however, I know I got my money's worth of personally graded essays and feedback from Emerson and his tutoring staff - often on the SAME DAY that I submitted these writings. Also, when I began to consider seeing another tutor (as I was not "getting it" as quickly as others who Emerson teaches), Emerson was supportive and helped me find someone who might be able to put me past the bar. That is, Emerson isn't just trying to take your money: he really wants you to pass and he will do anything (legal that is!) to help you do so!"

-N L. San Francisco, CA

"As anyone who has taken the CA bar exam knows, it's a total beast. It's one of the hardest, if not the hardest, bar exam in the country but Emerson's Bar Review makes it seem completely manageable. I took the bar twice and passed on my second try after having taken this bar review course. Emerson's course focuses on teaching you how to use the law that you already know to pass the bar exam. There is a ton of practice homework that is quickly graded every week and the tutors are extremely helpful. Emerson is always available to help walk you through any problems you might be having with any portion of the law. The course gives you the confidence to walk into the bar exam and KNOW that you are prepared. By the time I walked into the February 2010 bar exam I was confident and ready to conquer every part of the exam. When I walked out on the last day of the exam feeling confident that I had passed, I had Emerson's bar review to thank!"

-Kris L. Oakland, CA